About The Show

Friday ACE is the official news recap podcast of Otaku USA Magazine, bringing you all the essential highlights of Japanese Pop Culture happenings from during the week–The kind of stuff you would have known about if you weren’t busy having one of those “life” things that all the kids are into.

We also give you “5 In Tune”: Our custom segment in which we give you clips of the hottest music in Japan right now, and “The Watch List”, a heads-up on all the coolest trailers and gadgets from the past week. All hosted, mixed, and unleashed by R5 Central‘s Mike Dent, the internet’s “Hot-Blooded Podcaster”!

Currently, the opening theme for Friday ACE is Kaela Kimura’s “You bet!”, while the ending is “Some Day One Day” by BoA featuring M-flo. The “Opener” BGM comes from Takeo Yamashita’s GIANT ROBOT/JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT soundtrack.

Mike Dent, otherwise known as “Great Sage-Equal of Heaven”, “Master of the 72 Divine Transformations”, and “The Invincible Dream of Flames”, is a bit of a hot-blooded starving artist. When he’s not trying to conquer the 36 Chambers of Electro-Shaolin, he writes for Otaku USA Magazine and produces the Parsec Award-nominated podcast, R5 CENTRAL (currently on hiatus). He also does a bit of voice acting on the side, appearing in productions like The Falcon Banner for Darker Projects, and recently in Battle Hero Absolute from Jabronie Pictures.


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